Breathe with me

Without her, he forgets how to breathe; he becomes a shore which only says goodbye sending waves away with seafoam kisses, his arms are crossed and his chest tight, water pooling by his toes never reaching his knees. A lonely shoreline and distant horizon washed orange and blue until she takes his hands, kisses each … Continue reading Breathe with me


Golden sunlight shivered in the pale rose sky then shattered with gusts of wind, squishy cheeked blows scattering light and silver trim left dangling from forlorn clouds into a whirlpool of blue blushing pink. Frost stretched lazily past my toes, sinking into dew jewels and blades of Winter's heartache the seat, shrouded in shadow trees … Continue reading 9am


What do you say when a twelve-year-old asks you if we're dying? Three doors presented themselves. The first stately and indifferent, through which I'd feign disinterest and parade my selective hearing. The second scientific and nonchalant, which promises a cocktail of truth without feeling, shaken not reassured. The final, pulses red and glows pink like … Continue reading 8:40