Age 24

At the beginning of twenty eighteen, I used a jigsaw metaphor to describe how complete and incomplete I felt. Upon reading this, my Mother said, ‘You know you never find all of the pieces of the jigsaw, right?’ I rolled my eyes, said ‘I know’ when really I was adamant it wasn’t true at all. … Continue reading Age 24


23  in 23 days Wishes and blows Yet no childish Ribbons and bows Love in all corners Happiness sewn into the seams. Life lessons Too many worth mentioning Unworn trousers Compromises And spaces. Space To breathe To hide To love Make love. Two decades Handfuls Of heartbreak and champagne to 24.   ____________________________ Day 11 … Continue reading 23

Age 22

In the midst of Spring, two years ago, aged twenty I wrote the following: I don't know who I am; every aspect of my personality and every action of mine confuses, excites and terrifies me. It is the fear of the unknown, of what I have been and what I will become. But, does it … Continue reading Age 22