What do you say when a twelve-year-old asks you if we're dying? Three doors presented themselves. The first stately and indifferent, through which I'd feign disinterest and parade my selective hearing. The second scientific and nonchalant, which promises a cocktail of truth without feeling, shaken not reassured. The final, pulses red and glows pink like … Continue reading 8:40

Library Lesson

Monday. Last period. I watch her write furiously, laboriously. Every week without fail pen to paper, paper to pen, no scratch that, these kids their millennials, so I watch her process, type and backspace furiously, laboriously. I've come to relish the glare of black words on white, the hushed library soothing, her fingers moving clicking … Continue reading Library Lesson


I wrapped her exercise book in a plastic cover, A belated shield for the patchwork stains and damp riddled corners.  Saturated in smoke, blue margins  and lines form a cigarette smile. How much do her little lungs hold, If the very pages of her future are steeped in poison? I wrapped her exercise book in … Continue reading Passive