City Boy

For the last few weeks, I've been coming to Jacqueline’s for lunch and when I say lunch I mean a diet coke and cream tea - English breakfast. It's my favourite tea room with its assorted table cloths, dark wood and 1940s crockery adorning every shelf and up-cycled trunk screwed to the wall. A gramophone … Continue reading City Boy

The Writer

She was lying on her back, cool spring drifting in her eyes; 'There.' she pointed between the meeting of two pink clouds golden light dazzling through. 'There is the peak of Olympus.' She twisted in her jeans, 'And there, the entrance to Narnia,' she was motioning to the evergreens 'Just past the Faraway tree.' The … Continue reading The Writer

Bandini the Man

Photograph: Alan Taylor-Reed His delusions of love Wandering Hollywood boulevard, Preaching a lust, Following the scent of her curves, Kissing Woman’s shadow, Breathing in the cigarette smoke From their lips.   His bones shivering with hate. Anger snapping Mother’s rosary, Broken praying hands, Mary’s worshipped innocence, Foolish and pretend, Whilst cursing in a confession, To … Continue reading Bandini the Man