1 am

1 am creeps along the bedroom walls, it moves as vast shadows cast by a navy night sky hanging above a light polluted town.   The woman is awake; 1 am can hear the fabricated waves of meditation and white noise. She would rock herself to sleep if she could wrap her arms about herself … Continue reading 1 am

Hanging Moon

Sometimes I wonder which would be better: death or insomnia?   Because I cannot withstand the in-between. Cold nights tumbling in and out of dreams. Dreams of dying, dreams of living, dreams of running toward a hanging moon; taking the rope from around its pale withering neck and binding my wrists to the ground.   … Continue reading Hanging Moon


Four hours, I'm counting. Parched throat prickled flesh.   I wish to swallow saliva 'till I drown to tear each hair root from skin to drown out the din, cacophony of thought and breathing to peel my skin until I'm shivering.   Four hours, seven minutes, still counting. Eight, dry throat poker hot skin.   … Continue reading 4.13am

A Throwaway Comment

Mottled purple to bluish hues mesh behind my chest, Blood boils and bumps from rib to rib, A screech bubbles in my throat, Threatens to spit venom you've provoked. Love interchanging with hate, Pink blush bursting into seething red mist. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Skin and Sleep

Tonight I cannot sleep, Abrasions form as my skin is  scuffed between the sheets, With tossing and turning. My skin itches, Each layer more painful than the one before, As bitten nails dig into the ivory twists Of my body. An open window, the hum of traffic And your steady breathing, As serenity slips further … Continue reading Skin and Sleep