City Boy

For the last few weeks, I've been coming to Jacqueline’s for lunch and when I say lunch I mean a diet coke and cream tea - English breakfast. It's my favourite tea room with its assorted table cloths, dark wood and 1940s crockery adorning every shelf and up-cycled trunk screwed to the wall. A gramophone … Continue reading City Boy

The Usual Jenny

Reading a book in the window seat. Glass of water, carrots, cabbage and mince. I wrote this poem, if you can even call it that, in a restaurant at lunch time. This restaurant is cosy, small but always busy; a place for families, friends and young couples. Therefore, it was a surprise to watch as … Continue reading The Usual Jenny


A response to Katherine Mansfield’s ‘A Married Man’s Story’ (1923). You perch at your writing desk, fingertips barely connecting with the polished wood. Every night, you assume I cannot feel you, beady eyed and silent, watching me, instead of writing. You assume with babe in arm and a sideboard of dishes, I couldn’t possibly know … Continue reading Autumn