The storybooks say you should have been the wind in my sails, not the drunken sailor weighing anchor in the middle of the ocean. Perhaps I should have believed in you more, blinked away tears to hold you in a blue gaze, bright eyed naivety and wonder - not cold heart mutiny. Except this mate … Continue reading Mutiny

Breathe with me

Without her, he forgets how to breathe; he becomes a shore which only says goodbye sending waves away with seafoam kisses, his arms are crossed and his chest tight, water pooling by his toes never reaching his knees. A lonely shoreline and distant horizon washed orange and blue until she takes his hands, kisses each … Continue reading Breathe with me

The Sailor

He was a sailor moving from town to town, With dark brown eyes and a cheeky grin, He met her, with the fiery red hair on a choppy, unsettled sea, She was small and short with a temper to match.   Neither one would admit they were lost, Or in need of an outstretched hand, … Continue reading The Sailor