The storm

Last night a storm raged outside. Last night I forgot how to apologise. Lightning streaked the sky; electric crackles of the fury I had no valid reason to feel yet I continued to chew the insides of my cheeks and furrow my brow in thunder loud anger. Even when the rains moved on and the … Continue reading The storm


You’re the kind of girl who would have intimidated me at school; still could, if I wasn’t so sure of the love you hold in your hands, the arms you’ve wrapped around me during my darkest days. We began in a car park; eating fast food mid-July confessing like strangers at a bar the unhappiness … Continue reading Mid-July


I apologised too often, and you, never enough. I apologised for the pink my cheeks blushed like whiplash after a drink. I apologised for breaking my own heart and the glass left on the sideboard, drying. I apologised for the tears I could no longer explain; promised you, it was not you who had caused … Continue reading Apologies