You were a sturdy oak, growing so slowly only listening closely, yielded the creak of bark being stretched by time. Beside you, I was blossoming, a flower reaching her roots into the ground and the hearts of strangers, trying to find purpose in my petals, bursting with firecracker colour stretching toward the sun and stars … Continue reading Blossom

Finger Tracing

First, I painted the universe on your back and kissed the stars I’d carefully crafted within the lines of your skin. Next, I took inspiration from the depression of your collarbone, earlobes and where your shoulder blades meet, to sketch whispers of celestial dust and the curve of the Earth from far away. Then, I … Continue reading Finger Tracing


Get out of jail free card. That was you, when the ship bowed the sails split and the anchor fell, you were my escape.   Until the vacuum of time in which we were suspended grew a hole so large we could touch the sky as galaxies grew between us, and now, I'm just floating … Continue reading Monopoly