My heart flutters in bruised magentas as time melts through our skin and solidifies in our bones; heavy.   Like amber hardening thick around the filigree wings of an insect, one thousand years old. We wish to crumble,   to fall into dust, leave on the wind with a sudden lightness; the disappearance of time … Continue reading Heavy


Magnolia walls, all four and counting, breathe with us now, they know us now, so much so our skin begins to match: a canvas on which you compare me to every fruit the supermarket did not have, every flower you haven’t seen, every sunset discoloured by the evening news. Just magnolia is left, off white … Continue reading Magnolia

Quiet warnings

What if butterflies are quiet warnings for all to come: the bite marks and scratches, as the red flags gnaw your skin from the inside out never sinking their teeth in deep enough for you to listen.     Poem: © Kristiana Reed 2020 Between the Trees UK Between the Trees US Signed copies on Etsy

Our last

our last bullet held in the chamber of the revolver we hold between us, straddling dining chairs facing one another: you spin the mechanism into place, readying the roulette, one last bullet - is it for you or for me? the stars, the skies and the seas in between.     Poem: © Kristiana Reed 2020 … Continue reading Our last