The Ironing Pile

Weeks upon weeks, Fold after fold, Creases and "Jesus", Jack and the beanstalk.   A huff in the morning, A puff by noon, A sigh in the evening and the pile another two inches high.   It's a task, a farce, Who needs neatness anyway? Yet I cannot bear the sight any longer, this mountain … Continue reading The Ironing Pile

Library Lesson

Monday. Last period. I watch her write furiously, laboriously. Every week without fail pen to paper, paper to pen, no scratch that, these kids their millennials, so I watch her process, type and backspace furiously, laboriously. I've come to relish the glare of black words on white, the hushed library soothing, her fingers moving clicking … Continue reading Library Lesson

Hollywood Whores

Tale as old as time, The prostitute and the wine, Glamorised Romanticised.  The woman and her breasts, Property of her guests, A damsel in distress One you undress.  Ejaculating emptiness, She is no longer a temptress,  But lover Reminded of your mother. Until shame casts thunder, Open doors cry murder, She was just a whore … Continue reading Hollywood Whores


The toxicity of lilies has been pronounced, Deathly infection, base venom  Pulsing through the lily-white skin Filling beautiful people to the brim.  But it was you who once wrote Of direst cruelty And it is with this I charge Mother Nature. My dandelion, pus yellow Scruffy, torn, forlorn in a farcical bed of beauty Wondering … Continue reading Weeds

Sonnet 94

They that have power to hurt and will do none, That do not do the thing they most do show, Who, moving others, are themselves as stone, Unmoved, cold, and to temptation slow; They rightly do inherit heaven's graces And husband nature's riches from expense; They are the lords and owners of their faces, Others … Continue reading Sonnet 94


He sat and told her to be lousy Be awful, incongruent Be the girl she saw everyday The one she shuns in the mirror. The ordinary one, who clocks in and out Of work, conversations and friendships Who runs more than she fights Rolls her eyes before she listens. He sat and told her to … Continue reading Lousy


Two handfuls of heartbreak and hope. ______________________ Day 12 - Tell your life story in six words Day 11 - 23 ______________________ For the challenge, click here.


23  in 23 days Wishes and blows Yet no childish Ribbons and bows Love in all corners Happiness sewn into the seams. Life lessons Too many worth mentioning Unworn trousers Compromises And spaces. Space To breathe To hide To love Make love. Two decades Handfuls Of heartbreak and champagne to 24.   ____________________________ Day 11 … Continue reading 23


I've struggled To write this Compose This Myself Into something more Than painful memory Into more than Mother's shock and horror Sympathetic stares and Uneducated quips of 'Finding myself'.   There is nothing Nothing to find At the bottom Of a barrel In the barrel Of a shotgun Nor in between the train tracks Into … Continue reading Numb