Their faces looked at me blankly - I asked them, 'How would you describe the world we live in?' For a while, the faces remained passive, circumspect, frightened of a Big Brother they hope does not exist. Then the words rolled off, clean, cut like shards of glass - impoverished violent ridiculous - rough diamonds … Continue reading Diamonds


Ten minutes of hail. Ten minutes of innocent discontent; wild eyed wonder of the great outside; which pours in blues and greens, hailstone pebbles and grey before spinning the clouds into gold. Poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019 Between the Trees UK Between the Trees US Available internationally


The clouds looked as if they had been painted by a child today. Bright blue sky with titanium white squiggled lumps of fluff. Their playful innocence made me smile; they turned back time to a schoolyard smelling of freshly cut grass and rain. I saw the girl in the gingham summer dress, masquerading as a … Continue reading Reincarnation


Without my initials maybe my edges would be smoother - soft like my tummy and the inside of my elbow. I could be lighter - caterpillar to butterfly, shedding the nine letters which have sought to define me my whole life. It would be a cocoon lying in tatters - falling away as ash and … Continue reading Smoother

Sticky and sweet

Bleu de Chanel laced with Lynx, mixed hot and heavy into my skin beneath the sheets; sticky and sweet transposes my body to the day we met, the night we kissed and kissed some more in the front seat of your car beneath the stars, beside the reservoir.     © Kristiana Reed 2019