It rained today; not cats or dogs nor sweet little drips and drops but it was enough to wet my clothes, make heavy feel heavier, and the earth feel closer as it rose up toward me; drenched my fingertips and I felt the weight of gravity. The heaviness which keeps the world turning and my … Continue reading Damp

Sand Heart

The princess was fast asleep; the silence kept watch, the stars kissed her goodnight and the moon cuddled close looming gently in the window, cold breath caressing her cheeks, pink in slumber pale fingers closed over blankets, a soft stream of fabric tousled down her calves bundled around her feet, soft like her heart, impressionable, … Continue reading Sand Heart


She wanted to be wanted; to be written about in a 'the world cannot end until I've kissed you' way. Not used like china, porcelain or clay; something to be shattered and shaped, slipped into the fire to bake.   © Kristiana Reed 2018   Image credit.