You are here so I know this must be a dream. Figments my mind has melded to make up for the goodbyes and the times I’ve watched you walk away. Here you are dressed in white, not heavenly or pure but blank canvas mine, arms open wide ready to embrace my colours - yellow, fuchsia … Continue reading Figments


The pitter patter of rain interferes with tyres, the roll of rubber I'm listening for, and as it swirls down the drain the only thing I can think of is calling out your name.   © Kristiana Reed 2018   Image credit. 


I want to listen to bird song and reminisce about love, about your touch.   Hands which are presents to open, unwrapping each knuckle, finger and thumb. A tongue which unfolds like Christmas ribbon in my mouth, brushes my lips, a kiss.   © Kristiana Reed 2018   Image credit. 


I pulled the sheets forward tucked them into the sides stacked all the pillows and settled the cotton tide,   then you fell onto the bed fidgeting your feet, rolling hills in the sheet left basking in sunlight,   until tonight, when I saw where you'd laid and thought I'd never seen a bed, better … Continue reading Settle

At Dawn

In the darkness of my bedroom I think of you the most. I think about your chest pressed against my back. I think about your arm around my waist, stroking each curve you've remembered like wood grain. I think about your voice, its calming quiet which envelopes me in safety. I think about your head … Continue reading At Dawn

Moving day

I miss you, your blue-eyed stare and the tension which formed like dust at first then bricks, to build a ten foot wall between us.   Neither of us knew you left a 2x2 room in my heart empty, when you left.       Image credit.