The steam from the bath swirls like smoke curling from your open lips; in goodbye and greeting. & as the sweat drips with water down my spine, jaw, clavicle and breasts, I can taste the tobacco of midnight - kisses intertwined with sleep and the stars shining; a silver crown atop the ebony head of … Continue reading Tobacco


In prickled goosebumps you linger like a paper-cut rosy raw embedded within my skin pores bleeding sin, and like summer, a warm coastal breeze your ghost pulls me tightly squeezes me breathless until all that is left is a dark red stain upon my left breast the clotted remains of a heart taken captive.   … Continue reading Ghost


You broke my heart when syllables stopped spilling from your lips curled and plump sounds which caressed tightened tendrils romantic around my arms ankles and throat squeezing constricted airways my chest throbbing furiously in the heat hunger between our fingers and thumbs.   You broke my heart when promise of a touch became nothing mutters … Continue reading Hunger