A rope hangs

A rope hangs, pulls taut, over the edge of a cliff, love clings to the knots, swinging above an abyss masked by settling cloud. Above there stands a figure, a shadow against the sun, and in their right palm sits a knife, emboldened by the disappearing light, it glints in all that is left and … Continue reading A rope hangs


I hope you realise you are the salt of my earth. The roots which reach ever deeper. I hope you realise one day how much more you are than you have believed before. You are waxwings in the trees arriving on winter’s doorstep in stoic defiance. You are warmth in the bitter cold. I hope … Continue reading Brother

Age 25

Last year began as the previous one ended - quite literally and in the sense I still had vast mountain ranges to climb. It’s a metaphor we use constantly but I couldn’t think of anything more apt; anything more deceptive than a mountain peak disappearing into the clouds. A few months into the year, I … Continue reading Age 25


Mother, a green woodpecker floated to the ground today with grace and poise before plucking the soil with its ebony beak, and I thought you would like to know how much simpler life has become, how quiet the weekends are that I notice a bird I’ve never seen before, and watch it for longer than … Continue reading Mother