My bones feel rigid like I’m living with rigor mortis, depression’s equivalent of arthritis. There’s nothing the doctor can prescribe; sunshine cannot be packaged and nor can your smile so I guess I’ll just wait in my heaviness. This opaque silence where nothing can relieve the nothingness I feel whenever you leave.     © … Continue reading Rigid


We were star-crossed and then committed. We were children and then adults dressed in ill fitting clothes and promises. We were in love always away from home and I soon learned affection of this ilk was unsustainable because it wasn't fair. It wasn't fair to love you in every other place except here. © Kristiana … Continue reading Here

Ghost Boy

It has been years since we met, decades since we last touched each other's lives with a smile.   Time has been cruel, convincing me you were never there at all. A figment of a twelve year old imagination; lonely amongst the bookshelves and films, fixated on wheat fields and sunsets.   You were beautiful … Continue reading Ghost Boy