You’re the kind of girl who would have intimidated me at school; still could, if I wasn’t so sure of the love you hold in your hands, the arms you’ve wrapped around me during my darkest days. We began in a car park; eating fast food mid-July confessing like strangers at a bar the unhappiness … Continue reading Mid-July


Their faces looked at me blankly - I asked them, 'How would you describe the world we live in?' For a while, the faces remained passive, circumspect, frightened of a Big Brother they hope does not exist. Then the words rolled off, clean, cut like shards of glass - impoverished violent ridiculous - rough diamonds … Continue reading Diamonds

A curse

She had said the words ‘this will last forever’ so many times she had begun to wonder if they were a curse; a spell of Hecate’s making, a cauldron bubbling of squandered feelings - unrequited lovemaking and lonely screams into the wind. Photograph & poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019 Between the Trees UK Between the Trees … Continue reading A curse

To the girl

To the girl who grew her hair past her shoulders.   There is something about you   something I always knew, yet never guessed, dreamt of perhaps but could never imagine how you would dress:   heart on your sleeve, golden round, boots and morning blood,   you sparkle like dew, a cobweb in sunlight, … Continue reading To the girl


It rained today; not cats or dogs nor sweet little drips and drops but it was enough to wet my clothes, make heavy feel heavier, and the earth feel closer as it rose up toward me; drenched my fingertips and I felt the weight of gravity. The heaviness which keeps the world turning and my … Continue reading Damp