Star sick

You held a magnifying glass to the edge of the earth glimmering in starlight middle finger extended out to the sun which glared back, with coldness only a star sick of rock hurtling toward it could muster.   Our rage against gravity fossil fuels social media prose an inhumane attitude problem employing ASBO bracelet politicians. … Continue reading Star sick


What do you say when a twelve-year-old asks you if we're dying? Three doors presented themselves. The first stately and indifferent, through which I'd feign disinterest and parade my selective hearing. The second scientific and nonchalant, which promises a cocktail of truth without feeling, shaken not reassured. The final, pulses red and glows pink like … Continue reading 8:40


It had the potential to be ground breaking. Or did it? My intention was not for my 100th post on My Screaming Twenties to be an update. In truth, I had no intentions. I've been quiet of late. Quietly scrolling through my reader, observing words, wit, wisdom and woe from an uncomfortable distance. Uncomfortable because … Continue reading 100th