The Vale

We talked more here than at home. It was the only place I could look at you and love you timelessly.   The silence, was comfortable too. No longer punctuated with betrayal and bickering about anything, from the biscuit tin to communism.   I guess it’s all worthless now. It won’t lessen the distance or … Continue reading The Vale


You broke my heart when syllables stopped spilling from your lips curled and plump sounds which caressed tightened tendrils romantic around my arms ankles and throat squeezing constricted airways my chest throbbing furiously in the heat hunger between our fingers and thumbs.   You broke my heart when promise of a touch became nothing mutters … Continue reading Hunger

Moving day

I miss you, your blue-eyed stare and the tension which formed like dust at first then bricks, to build a ten foot wall between us.   Neither of us knew you left a 2x2 room in my heart empty, when you left.       Image credit.


Two handfuls of heartbreak and hope. ______________________ Day 12 - Tell your life story in six words Day 11 - 23 ______________________ For the challenge, click here.

A Prince

Time grew thin when you decided to leave. Cheeks shrivelled to dark hallows of passing minutes when I watched you clear the closet, fraying the cotton at my knees. Skin shrunk in seconds when you turned your back, the shoulders and hands, I used to kiss as if you were a prince. Time waddled on gaunt … Continue reading A Prince