She breathes like a butterfly: small, stilted wiry breaths, filigree fragile like her wings so easily squashed between a finger and thumb.   She breathes on though - all tubes and blinking lights as her chest falls, falls, then rises in defiance against the pale washed walls.   She flutters and flits, paper thin limbs … Continue reading Growth/decay

To the girl

To the girl who grew her hair past her shoulders.   There is something about you   something I always knew, yet never guessed, dreamt of perhaps but could never imagine how you would dress:   heart on your sleeve, golden round, boots and morning blood,   you sparkle like dew, a cobweb in sunlight, … Continue reading To the girl


You were a sturdy oak, growing so slowly only listening closely, yielded the creak of bark being stretched by time. Beside you, I was blossoming, a flower reaching her roots into the ground and the hearts of strangers, trying to find purpose in my petals, bursting with firecracker colour stretching toward the sun and stars … Continue reading Blossom