By the end, Kenny coughed and spluttered throughout the day. Only when he slept did the gurgling nestled deep in his throat, stop. I knew it was the end - I'd known so for months. It didn't make the goodbye any easier; leaving him there alone, imagining the high-pitched squeal of metal on metal. The … Continue reading Kenny

The Vale

We talked more here than at home. It was the only place I could look at you and love you timelessly.   The silence, was comfortable too. No longer punctuated with betrayal and bickering about anything, from the biscuit tin to communism.   I guess it’s all worthless now. It won’t lessen the distance or … Continue reading The Vale


I listen but do not watch as you prepare to leave, the closing of a cupboard door a cymbal clatter to my ears; resisting every note of goodbye - shoes over socks, sighs and the scratching of a key in the door - holding on to the 'I love you's whispered into my collarbone. Hands … Continue reading Always