Remember the thoroughbred girls? The girls we watched in washroom mirrors and fell in love with. With kohl eyes,  powder puffs, chapstick lips & candy-floss pink cheeks. The girls who shot the pistol at the starting line and still finished first. Who took drugs and hearts like jumps, curled their knees beneath them. The girls … Continue reading Thoroughbreds


Her face wobbles, held up to a mirror of rippling water. The gilded edges glint against glistening pools of fear above her cheeks.   Her face was lit, with a bouquet of roses and coral. Adorned with emerald pearls piercing the fog between them.   Her hands shiver, shaking and stirring mystery which smothers. Skin … Continue reading Kerry

The Beholder

His dream girls were beautifully inked, Images etched within images, Yet he chose Welcome mats, kitty cats and charity tat. His dream girls were abstract and colourful, Twirling in blues, reds and pinks, Yet he chose Straight lace, translucent face and steady pace. His dream girls were confident, Staring straight down the lens, Yet he … Continue reading The Beholder