You’re the kind of girl who would have intimidated me at school; still could, if I wasn’t so sure of the love you hold in your hands, the arms you’ve wrapped around me during my darkest days. We began in a car park; eating fast food mid-July confessing like strangers at a bar the unhappiness … Continue reading Mid-July

Care in Winter

She trudged through snow, head bent to the blizzard, arms pulled in tightly bracing herself to loop each one beneath your shoulders palms cupping elbows to keep you upright when you believed even the slightest indoor breeze would knock you from your feet. Her bitten fingertips thawed in the winter heat as she flicked each … Continue reading Care in Winter


Get out of jail free card. That was you, when the ship bowed the sails split and the anchor fell, you were my escape.   Until the vacuum of time in which we were suspended grew a hole so large we could touch the sky as galaxies grew between us, and now, I'm just floating … Continue reading Monopoly

Moving day

I miss you, your blue-eyed stare and the tension which formed like dust at first then bricks, to build a ten foot wall between us.   Neither of us knew you left a 2x2 room in my heart empty, when you left.       Image credit.


Her face wobbles, held up to a mirror of rippling water. The gilded edges glint against glistening pools of fear above her cheeks.   Her face was lit, with a bouquet of roses and coral. Adorned with emerald pearls piercing the fog between them.   Her hands shiver, shaking and stirring mystery which smothers. Skin … Continue reading Kerry