You’re the kind of girl who would have intimidated me at school; still could, if I wasn’t so sure of the love you hold in your hands, the arms you’ve wrapped around me during my darkest days. We began in a car park; eating fast food mid-July confessing like strangers at a bar the unhappiness … Continue reading Mid-July


My doorway glitters with gold, as if the sun set molten and flooded the sea and then my house to leave each surface flecked with rays and pockets of light. What I really see is your shadow shrinking but your smile still lingers in mine and your hands still hold onto mine. Everything still glistens, … Continue reading Gold

Hanging Moon

Sometimes I wonder which would be better: death or insomnia?   Because I cannot withstand the in-between. Cold nights tumbling in and out of dreams. Dreams of dying, dreams of living, dreams of running toward a hanging moon; taking the rope from around its pale withering neck and binding my wrists to the ground.   … Continue reading Hanging Moon

Review of Free Verse Revolution: The Collection (2010 – 2017), Nicholas Gagnier

Split into parts which correlate with Gagnier's life as a man and poet, this collection is a wonder to behold. I followed Gagnier from his mid twenties into his early thirties; with reminiscent childhood pieces interwoven throughout. His voice and style is in flux as he changes but there is no doubt it grows in … Continue reading Review of Free Verse Revolution: The Collection (2010 – 2017), Nicholas Gagnier