The idea of giving myself to someone has always scared me. It always meant giving up the parts of me I'd like to stay mine. And yet, with you, somehow I know you wouldn't take those parts as yours, instead you'd be the perfect caretaker; preserving me rather than losing me, curating my misery and … Continue reading Caretaker

Aged Nine

There is a video of me aged nine with bobbed red hair one finger in the air waiting for the magician to spin a plate. I am wearing red on my head, cheeks and heart sparkles too twiddling the tassels at my neck. What I would give to step through the film encase her in … Continue reading Aged Nine


Her face wobbles, held up to a mirror of rippling water. The gilded edges glint against glistening pools of fear above her cheeks.   Her face was lit, with a bouquet of roses and coral. Adorned with emerald pearls piercing the fog between them.   Her hands shiver, shaking and stirring mystery which smothers. Skin … Continue reading Kerry