The storybooks say you should have been the wind in my sails, not the drunken sailor weighing anchor in the middle of the ocean. Perhaps I should have believed in you more, blinked away tears to hold you in a blue gaze, bright eyed naivety and wonder - not cold heart mutiny. Except this mate … Continue reading Mutiny

Sand Heart

The princess was fast asleep; the silence kept watch, the stars kissed her goodnight and the moon cuddled close looming gently in the window, cold breath caressing her cheeks, pink in slumber pale fingers closed over blankets, a soft stream of fabric tousled down her calves bundled around her feet, soft like her heart, impressionable, … Continue reading Sand Heart

The Shiny Kind

I thought of you today, as I unwrapped a slice of cheese, the processed, shiny kind. The delicate crinkle between my fingers reminded me of purple puffy jackets, pushchair adventures and waiting for the bus. Gently I rolled the glossy orange slice finger and thumb, and wondered if you regret extra time on the naughty step, … Continue reading The Shiny Kind


For my beloved April Fool You revelled in rebellion, In a swagger, renowned, Infamous, even, You held the golden star of, Trouble, Mayhem and Chaos, Sheriff. Kicking dust in your Angel’s face, Kissing goodwill goodbye, shaking Hands with the devil, And demonic drinks, Laughing within hell, you were Sheriff. - Screams, Shouts, Sighs, Knocking at … Continue reading Sheriff