Ghost Boy

It has been years since we met, decades since we last touched each other's lives with a smile.   Time has been cruel, convincing me you were never there at all. A figment of a twelve year old imagination; lonely amongst the bookshelves and films, fixated on wheat fields and sunsets.   You were beautiful … Continue reading Ghost Boy


I used to believe in abracadabra magic; white rabbits from hats, ribbons from shirt sleeves, coins from behind my ear, children’s party make believe; dragons and princesses, tall towers and treehouses, and the way the wind blows whispers when you are small and slight with dreams dripping on your brow and in the crooks of … Continue reading Whirligig


The storybooks say you should have been the wind in my sails, not the drunken sailor weighing anchor in the middle of the ocean. Perhaps I should have believed in you more, blinked away tears to hold you in a blue gaze, bright eyed naivety and wonder - not cold heart mutiny. Except this mate … Continue reading Mutiny


I’ve been asking for love since my hands were smaller, and my eyes were wider.   love isn’t what you wanted, instead you were disappointed in anything other -   than the complicit retelling of a childhood, of fractured bones, of a ‘happy’ home.   © Kristiana Reed 2018 Image credit.