In Morning

He sits upon the fence and watches, proud chest puffed in morning ceremony. He watches the breeze flit between the leaves and fallen debris, skittering across the blades of grass speckled with midnight dew.   He watches me and you, the cat too. A robin red breast Poppins would say has very little time to … Continue reading In Morning

1 am

1 am creeps along the bedroom walls, it moves as vast shadows cast by a navy night sky hanging above a light polluted town.   The woman is awake; 1 am can hear the fabricated waves of meditation and white noise. She would rock herself to sleep if she could wrap her arms about herself … Continue reading 1 am


Amongst hues of copper, lilac and mange tout flittering balls of feather and dust call and sing, dance in the wind. I wonder if they mind the chatter the clatter, over one another?   Beneath boughs and above leaves feathers puff, beaks thrust and fingernail wings wave in ecstasy for sex, no rest.   To … Continue reading Mating