My stomach aches my belly aches for something new for something different until my palms sweat until my fists clench and I remember: and I remember: how awful new and different feel how awful risk-taking tastes how soon my stomach rumbles how soon my belly aches. Photograph & poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019 Between the Trees … Continue reading Bellyache


The bitter turn in the air warns you it is your time to go; to make swift flight on Zephyr’s frost bitten wings and head south past leaves which fall in golds and onwards to the land of the liquid sun, melting into the Sahara’s horizon; slipping below the surface of the Nile to kiss … Continue reading Swallow

She saw love

She saw love in his face today; glimpses behind a furrowed brow then clear and open like a meadow expectantly waiting for the cows to come home and graze upon the lush green, Springtime glow. Photograph & poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019 Between the Trees UK Between the Trees US Available internationally

Three weeks

I thought about you whilst I was brushing my teeth - about how you have been gone for almost three weeks. I notice your absence in my shaking hands and ill-mannered frets. The tears arriving unbidden alongside a dull ache rising from my feet. I notice your absence in the smiles which feel more real … Continue reading Three weeks