Sunday lunch

The hum of the halogen oven roasting Sunday's lunch could lull me to sleep with the incessant ticking, tiny gale of air and its warmth. The golden light flooding the kitchen intermittently; reaching for me with tender rays of light, hoping to draw me closer and cradle me in thoughts of every Sunday I have … Continue reading Sunday lunch

Lost lamb

Before you, my body was a fire alarm. It rang, bleating like a lost lamb, long past midnight; echoing down the road, ricocheting off street lamps to fall upon deaf ears and back into my trembling hands.     Poem: © Kristiana Reed 2019 Between the Trees UK Between the Trees US Available internationally


I apologised too often, and you, never enough. I apologised for the pink my cheeks blushed like whiplash after a drink. I apologised for breaking my own heart and the glass left on the sideboard, drying. I apologised for the tears I could no longer explain; promised you, it was not you who had caused … Continue reading Apologies

My body speaks

Most days my body speaks in Chinese whispers; hiding the compliments and concealing the insults to become congealed words of self loathing and distaste.   Until the voices rise and tremble like the peak of a volcano; erupting into screams of hatred, baying for blood and violence, teeth bared, turning a rabid stare onto the … Continue reading My body speaks