An update

Last May, I released my debut collection, Between the Trees. This collection had been a wish I'd carried around with me since I was twenty, when I promised myself for my twenty-fifth birthday I would gift myself with the publication of my first collection. Since then, my poetry has changed in many ways and my … Continue reading An update

All roads

Dulce et Decorum Est: Horace said it first wandering cobbled roads which all led to a Rome gaudy in marble arches  and porticoes.   Owen said it second as men choked on mustard gas and turned belly up in the mud towards the unrelenting sun, the unrelenting cold,  the unrelenting guns.    And here we … Continue reading All roads

“I would imagine death as a cellar full of paintings”

Landscapes. Portraits.  Canvas dripping watercolour or squirming in acrylic. Paper pores closing their mouths as the smell of life turned cold permeates the room.  Paper pores squeezing their eyes shut tight to the darkness. Colours greying with the damp running in rivulets down the walls and they breathe - collapsed lungs beneath wrinkled skin.  Landscapes. … Continue reading “I would imagine death as a cellar full of paintings”