I remember when you wished you had not spoken - three words which wrapped themselves like smoke around our ribs and settled, thickly, as ash on our lips.   Three words that feel like glitter or dust yet taste sticky and sweet or bitter when consumed in a different light.   And I felt like … Continue reading Unspoken

Review of As Much as I Care to Remember, E. B. Howell

Originally published on Reedsy Discovery.  E. B. Howell’s As Much as I Care to Remember is a frank portrayal of living with bipolar disorder. Howell’s honest dedication to raising awareness about bipolar disorder delivers an empathetic and authentic narrative about Liddy, a woman battling the world around her and the multiple narratives spun by her episodes of … Continue reading Review of As Much as I Care to Remember, E. B. Howell


I walk through the woods and imagine it full of books: novels returning home,   pages between roots, words manifesting within fleshy, breathing bark,   dappled light adorning  every dust jacket with sun spots as leaves curl   around well-thumbed spines, earth settling into bookmark ribbons and wrinkled, ink worn skins.     Poem: © Kristiana … Continue reading Home


The light burning through the window fades - every cushion, floorboard and painting  loses colour, the walls merge with the air and everything becomes a meld of grey and beige.   The rain begins, then the hail. Ranks of interminable storm clouds throng, heavy, obscuring the light, refracting it upwards, away from our hungry eyes … Continue reading Goddess