I am June

The smell of summer mud drifts in from the Estuary,  invites itself into the village,  wearing flowers for a crown.   It proclaims June and beetles free themselves from my winter sleeves.  And the bees, living in the chimney, bow and buzz in the ecstasy of the mud’s arrival;   the tide singing along to … Continue reading I am June

Review of A Little Devil in America, Hanif Abdurraqib

A Little Devil in America by music critic and poet Hanif Abdurraqib is a thoroughly enjoyable and moving read. Each essay weaves Abdurraqib’s personal experience navigating American society with his love and expansive knowledge of Black performance. Abdurraqib writes about music, space, magic, sport, dance, film and television, to celebrate and critique the array of … Continue reading Review of A Little Devil in America, Hanif Abdurraqib

Review of All Boys Aren’t Blue, George M. Johnson

George M. Johnson’s memoir, All Boys Aren’t Blue, has been described as unflinching and I have to agree. Written for young adults about growing up Black and queer, Johnson’s four act memoir honestly and hopefully provides the reader with a lived experience which can be learned from and reassures that those who feel unseen, deserve … Continue reading Review of All Boys Aren’t Blue, George M. Johnson

Issue II: contributors

It is an honour to edit Free Verse Revolution; the second Issue will be released very soon and will feature the work of several, very talented contributors!

Free Verse Revolution:

It is a pleasure to announce the following people will be featured in Issue II: hermes (the kaleidoscope).

Poetry by: 

  • Karen Fraser
  • Pieter L. Harreman
  • Lynn White
  • Enrico Barigazzi
  • Jaya Avendel
  • Malgosia
  • clementine valerie black
  • Richard LeDue
  • Jay Mora-Shihadeh
  • Ellie Morfou
  • ESH Leighton
  • Jess Janz
  • Vanessa Napolitano
  • Liyona
  • Sarah E. Hoffman
  • R. Berchild
  • Lori Zybala
  • Elisa
  • Tan Ruey Fern
  • Sarah Bellum Mental
  • Nick Reeves
  • Jodie Duffy
  • Ginger Harris
  • Ellie Onka
  • Victoria Punch
  • Dee Li
  • Howard Young
  • L. Stevens
  • Lisa Perkins
  • Cassie Fielding
  • George J Cardy
  • Kim Escobar
  • Navila Nahid
  • Kristiana Reed

Prose by:

  • Ingrid B. 
  • Nick Reeves
  • S. K. Nicholas
  • Gabriela Marie Milton

Photography/art from:

  • Jonathan O’Farrell
  • Jay Mora-Shihadeh
  • Kristiana Reed

Issue II will be released later this month. Keep your eyes peeled for a front cover reveal in a few days…

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On Living

after Nâzim Hikmet I   When we draw life, the pen never lifts from the ageing page. As trees, we move in circles, cycles - we lose everything and nothing, for the days we blossom green.   Our hands will always wrinkle in the water, in the biting wind. We will always blush at the … Continue reading On Living