Flowers on the Wall – advance review from Lois E. Linkins

Kristiana's second poetry volume opens with a quiet assertion of power, self-acceptance and self-compassion. The poet declares herself to be 'foolhardy and faerie, clumsy and pretty, angry at the world and everyone in it, loved and unloved but always in love.' ['I will'] A more fitting opening would be difficult to find. Reed's collection explores … Continue reading Flowers on the Wall – advance review from Lois E. Linkins

An update

Last May, I released my debut collection, Between the Trees. This collection had been a wish I'd carried around with me since I was twenty, when I promised myself for my twenty-fifth birthday I would gift myself with the publication of my first collection. Since then, my poetry has changed in many ways and my … Continue reading An update

Age 25

Last year began as the previous one ended - quite literally and in the sense I still had vast mountain ranges to climb. It’s a metaphor we use constantly but I couldn’t think of anything more apt; anything more deceptive than a mountain peak disappearing into the clouds. A few months into the year, I … Continue reading Age 25