Age 26

Long time followers know that at the beginning of each new year, I write a post reflecting on the year which has passed. Age 26 is weeks later than usual. This has been the hardest one to write. It saw many drafts but in the end I took a creative escape route - I attempted … Continue reading Age 26

The wasp

You were loud. Hovering vertically at my window. Demanding rather than asking to be let in. You did not wait; assumed if you made enough noise the glass would break, yield itself to your stripes and void-like eyes. You did not wait. You did not knock. There was nothing kind about your entrance; there was … Continue reading The wasp


The girl next door who plays the piano, begins her music. As her fingertips settle upon the ivories, I allow my mind to wander. Not to far off places at first, just to the end of the garden, stood between two lonesome oaks who, despite one another, always seem sad and companionless this time of … Continue reading Wanderings


By the end, Kenny coughed and spluttered throughout the day. Only when he slept did the gurgling nestled deep in his throat, stop. I knew it was the end - I'd known so for months. It didn't make the goodbye any easier; leaving him there alone, imagining the high-pitched squeal of metal on metal. The … Continue reading Kenny

Age 25

Last year began as the previous one ended - quite literally and in the sense I still had vast mountain ranges to climb. It’s a metaphor we use constantly but I couldn’t think of anything more apt; anything more deceptive than a mountain peak disappearing into the clouds. A few months into the year, I … Continue reading Age 25