Watch it burn

after Dorothy Parker

“And rip the hearts of men in half

And toss the bits away” – Dorothy Parker


I dream too much of tearing your heart

from the cocoon of your chest. I dream


               too much


about revenge followed by redemption,

for women, for everyone you have hurt.


I want to write a tragedy. To be performed

beneath the Greek scorching sun

in an amphitheatre seething with ache;

to parade the many masks you have worn.


But I dream

               too much. 

Find myself fondling loose strings and valves

I’ve imagined pulling from between my teeth. 


Find myself alive and lucid in the reach

of your seductive grasp — they say Bundy

was a charmer and I wonder

if he was a Gemini too. 


I wonder if I’ll stop witnessing daydream violence

and imagining I’m still with you.

Written in response to Free Verse Revolution’s Prompt Challenge #3

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