Review of The Fortunes, Peter Ho Davies

The Fortunes by Peter Ho Davies shares four stories from varied Chinese American perspectives. Each story, spanning two hundred years, explores and charts the relationship between China and America, how those who have immigrated or have been born in America attempt to find a home in America while struggling to call China home. Davies captures the feeling of displacement experienced in the Chinese American community due to anti-Asian prejudices as well as the pressures of Chinese tradition, culture and society.

The myriad of perspectives and voices in this book made for insightful but also uncomfortable reading. Uncomfortable in the best way. Davies does not shy away from topics which force a reader, especially a white and privileged reader (me, for example) to consider their place within the stories Davies tells. He causes you to question the part we all play and with the recent rise in hate crime, abuse and bigotry towards Asian communities in Western countries, The Fortunes is a pressing and important read.

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