Review of Expulsion, Emily Perkovich

Reading Expulsion by Perkovich was like uncovering a time capsule, of a person, time and place, I never knew I had buried so deep in the sand. From beginning to end, Perkovich’s imagery is sustained and vivid and her words pull you from yourself and ask you to sit at a table with your ghosts. The understanding of language and cadence is sublime as each piece lends itself to be read more than once as the layers of meaning unfurl.

Expulsion is also a gorgeous insight into Perkovich’s craft, and as an avid follower of her work online, it was fascinating to see how Perkovich has moved from vivid to cutting and visceral. The prose piece at the end of this collection, for instance, was a stunning signal of Perkovich’s hallmark style coming into fruition.

For me, this was a collection to consume at once. I enjoyed immersing myself in Perkovich’s style and words; exploring facets of love, grief, lust and loss in darkness and in technicolour because, as I said, there is a vividness to Perkovich’s work which is glorious to witness and feel inspired by upon finishing the collection.

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