As The World Burns – excerpts & review

Indie Blu(e) Publishing recently released an anthology featuring writers from all around the globe and it is an honour to have two of my poems included.

“And here we are again

looking at the world

as if through a glass bottomed boat;

wondering what is sweet,

what is fitting. Wondering when

our voices will be enough

for the countries we are dying in

as sea levels rise and the big men

in the skyscrapers get richer.

Is this sweet? Is this fitting?

Are these the clothes we say our goodbyes in?

Pro patria mori.

I am laced with fury.” [All Roads by Kristiana Reed]

I realise Gaia has built me a home in which

I must build my own. My body is a home.

Not a temple. Not a train-wreck.

Not an answer to all of your prayers.

But a small home with cobwebs and lintels

in need of dusting, with sloping floors

and single-glazed windows, with a fire

burning and a draught beneath the doors.” [She will not let me go by Kristiana Reed]

As The World Burns, much like We Will Not Be Silenced and SMITTEN, is a triumph from indie publisher, Indie Blu(e), and showcases incredible work from a myriad of voices. The collection reflects upon this past year with heartache, power and vulnerability. It is as raw and human as it is beautiful and refined. Each poet featured owns the page and introduces the reader to the talent of writers they may not have read before or writers they already know and love. 

Divided into four sections, the individual pieces come together to tell the unfinished story of the year 2020; from Trump’s presidency, to the onslaught of COVID-19 and a global pandemic, to social justice protests and civil rights movements. Thus, As The World Burns takes the reader on a turbulent journey and offers personal and unique perspectives on experiences we have shared collectively. The visual art between pieces is also a dynamic addition, celebrating talent in many forms. 

It is an anthology with depth, variation and beauty found, often, in immeasurable pain and human experience. Indie Blu(e) have found a home for our suffering and struggle and turned it into a gorgeous silver lining. 

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As The World Burns, Indie Blu(e) Publishing

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