Review of A Mockingbird On Blackity Street, Tenae Wolfe

Wolfe’s second collection, released to coincide with Black History Month in the United Kingdom (in October), embraces and embodies the voices and histories of people who demand to and deserve to be heard. Wolfe openly admits she cannot tell every story and can only write from what she knows but across this collection her words and experiences are rich with honesty, beauty and the call for justice, long awaited and long campaigned for.

“I have grown into my skin, I cherish it.”

From her experiences as a Black woman, her hopes and fears, to generational trauma and the ancestry she continues to fight for, Wolfe opens every reader’s eyes with her power and majesty. Wolfe seeks to empower and succeeds through her command of thought imagery and poetry. A Mockingbird On Blackity Street is raw and essential, poignant and purposeful. Wolfe desires change and has a voice which will undoubtedly play a part in achieving this.

“I know in the motherland roots aren’t torn down, they are watered so they can flourish and continue to grow.”

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