Review of I Write, Therefore I Am, Alexis Mitchell

I Write, Therefore I Am is the debut poetry collection from Alexis Mitchell and documents the journey she has been on since she was sixteen. Thus, as the collection progresses, Mitchell’s poetry develops; as a writer she finds a home in her words and it was a pleasure to witness this growth.

Undeniably, Mitchell does love poetry best. Whether it be writing about her love for the written word, the love for herself and the lessons she has learnt or the love between two people. Throughout, there are heady and erotic allusions to how we write stories within ourselves and in each other.

Mitchell’s longer form pieces are, for me, where she shines. I’ll admit I struggled with the shorter pieces, reading them more as admissions than poems but, when you reflect on how this collection shows the poet’s growth, without these earlier pieces, we wouldn’t see Mitchell come into her own as a writer by the end.

In all, a wonderful debut by a stunning wordsmith.

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