Review of she’s come undone, Nia Mora

Nia Mora’s collection, she’s come undone, is a book of love and healing. Her words empower the reader to kindle their voices and words; she demands to be heard. The journey Mora charts in this collection emanates with self-love and acceptance, even through heartbreak and loss.

she’s come undone celebrates being a Black woman. Nia Mora leans into her power and her divinity – her voice is loud, her voice is majestic, her voice is humble.

maybe admitting that I am a black woman / who knows more than lust and has tasted / the pulp of love on her tongue is riotous” [I should be somewhere (in the name of love)].

Throughout, Mora thanks the loves and losses which have shaped her, the earthly love which has healed her and the strength she knows she possesses. Any reader cannot help but feel lifted by the hope, love and spirit in Mora’s words. she’s come undone felt made with love – you can feel it within its pages as Mora is honest, raw and candid.

Mora is also a mother and it was a joy to see such power gifted unto her daughters:

don’t you ever let anyone / douse your flame / or / change your name.” [A Rhapsody for Ari]

In all, she’s come undone is a triumph of love; with the eponymous poem being absolutely sensational. As Nia Mora says, come to this collection with your scars, bruises and smile, it truly is a gift.

you will be scarred / you will bleed / you will be bruised like apples at the end of the day / do not let this be the (only) thing / that your poems are carved from” [A Letter from a Not So Young Poet].

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