Flowers on the Wall is here!

Flowers on the Wall, my second collection is now available to buy on Amazon and Etsy.

Etsy copies will take 1-2 weeks but will be signed as a default.



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A collection of daydreams and wishes, love letters and fears, Kristiana Reed’s second poetry collection is a nostalgic exploration of love, loss and the past whilst navigating the mysteries of the present.

Praise for Flowers on the Wall:

“As with all the most beloved of English writers, Reed joins the ranks of the Brontës and George Eliot in her exquisite rendering of pastoral life.” Candice Daquin, Pinch the Lock.

“From childhood wonder to adult regret; from dust-covered books to the warmth of a loved one’s embrace, these poems capture the myriad nuances that makes our journey through life the cherished miracle it is.” S. K. Nicholas, X and I.

“Reed lifts us from the depths of this fear, in a short relief; her attention to the collection’s structure and its subsequent portrayal of feeling, inconsistency of emotion and mood, and the unpredictability of existence, is incredibly refined and carefully thought through.” Lois E. Linkins.

“Kristiana Reed has produced a worthy successor to the amazing Between the Trees, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.” John W. Leys, The Darkness of His Dreams.

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