Flowers on the Wall: International Giveaway

To celebrate the release of my second collection, Flowers on the Wall, I am hosting an international giveaway. I will be giving away two copies of Flowers on the Wall and announce the winners on Sunday, 2nd August. You have until Saturday, 1st August 11pm BST to enter.

For a chance to win a copy of Flowers on the Wall, follow the entry guidelines below:

  • when you think of flowers, what do they remind you of?
  • you can only enter once as this giveaway is across multiple social media platforms.

Flowers on the Wall is named after when my mother painted flowers on the walls of a childhood bedroom; she painted bubbles in my brother’s room. The house was rented so there was little we could do with the magnolia walls until Mum picked up a few cheap tiny pots of paint. I spent the day watching her draw the flowers in pencil first and then she slowly filled them in with yellow, pink and purple. She had made the room feel as if it was really mine.

Good luck!




9 thoughts on “Flowers on the Wall: International Giveaway

  1. my valiant soul says:

    Exciting.I wish to enter this giveaway!

    When I think of flowers they remind me of early school days spent in the playground where I would watch these lovely daisies and would pick up the fallen flowers to gift it to my mother..i think of attachments as i think of flowers.

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  2. Amitbhat0912 says:


    I turn to face the glare of the O! MIGHTY.
    I shy away when the night lurks.

    I am the dash of colour on the maidens hair and i am a garland on a passing by.

    I grew in the most disgusting waters yet pious and fragrant to be adore by Gods.

    I am downed on the feet of the mighty above yet i reside close to their hearts.

    I am the rainbow on the ground, my colors galore leaps and bound.

    I fragrate, i charm, i beutify
    I acclaim, i proclaim and i satisfy

    I am a a flower…many names.
    I am a flower…..many games.
    I am a flower on…..many stalls.

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  3. tara caribou says:


    When thinking about flowers, I think of the variety and stunning beauty. The way they seem simple though quite complex. Dandelions, my favorite flower, cheerful, bright, delicious, hundred of petals… Roses with their silky petals and unfurling to release a peppery smell…. Fireweed with their sweet taste and bright blooms after a fire…. geranium, clover, dogwood, lupine, iris, and on and on and on… each more spectacular than the last.

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