An update

Last May, I released my debut collection, Between the Trees. This collection had been a wish I’d carried around with me since I was twenty, when I promised myself for my twenty-fifth birthday I would gift myself with the publication of my first collection. Since then, my poetry has changed in many ways and my feelings around being a writer are more secure. Between the Trees was a journey I needed to let go of. My next collection, Flowers on the Wall, is a collection rather than a journey as such. I would like to think Flowers on the Wall showcases who I am as a poet rather than just a twenty-something year old woman trying to find her way.


This collection is far shorter and more about love, hope, nature, darkness and the written word than it is a personal journey. It will be released at the beginning of August and will be available on Amazon and, as soon as copies arrive, on Etsy. In the lead up to its release I shall be sharing an excerpt from Candice Daquin’s gorgeous foreword and advance reviews from the wonderful Lois E. Linkins, John W. Leys and S. K. Nicholas.

If you have Instragram, you can follow me at @kristianamst; here I post readings and I will be hosting a live on August 2nd to celebrate the collection’s release. I shall also be running a giveaway in the final week of July.

In the meantime, thank you, as always, for your support. I have ordered more author copies of Between the Trees so my Etsy will soon be restocked – you can preorder your copy here through the Etsy link in my linktree below.

I cannot wait to share Flowers on the Wall with you!



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