Recension Day

After Duncan Forbes

Un-twizzle me like string,

like the stars in your eyes

at dizzy heights and midnight.

Begin with me again –

kissing after one gin

in the smell of fresh rain –

the middle of a pub car park.

Undo me like the clasp

of an heirloom necklace

worth a trip to the beach

and pennies in the arcades.

Make me worth silk only

when you touch me and

unravel me like awe and wonder

the moment God, or magic,

or combustion created the world

and the blue in your eyes. 

Unwind our souls like tape –

let me wrap you around my fingers

and wear you like Silly string.

Unlove me every night in your sleep

so you can love me again 

as the sun rises in the east. 

Fix me in the heavens, call me

a goddess but be with me as I am,

a woman unbecoming every fear

I was, before I met you.



Poem: © Kristiana Reed 2020

Between the Trees UK

Between the Trees US

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