I learn and I leak

A response to Pocket-Sized Feminism by Blythe Baird


I learn and I leak.

There are holes in my feminism

and my palms are overflowing

with missed chances and silence. 


I learn and I leak.

Damp settling into my bones

and my third eyelid crease

but I refuse to be wallpaper –

(watch me spot and grow with mould)


I will stand up and leave my seat,

even while I leak and re-learn

every word I must speak. 

Forget the coffee tables

and their heavy feet.


Watch us kick them over

and dismantle the wood

rotting beneath.



Poem: © Kristiana Reed 2020

Between the Trees UK

Between the Trees US


One thought on “I learn and I leak

  1. Amitbhat0912 says:

    Feminism is a very strong term. Its creation, its love and care. Its destruction at times even when the strongest of Gods thunders couldn’t demolish the devilish deeds.
    Feminism is a veil that protected the mighty Arjuna during the year of hiding identity.
    Feminism is in itself a boon which this world has yet not understood fully.
    Feminism is my daughter who is my most pious and precious possession.


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