Disclaimer: I received a free PDF copy in return for an ARC review.


I should begin by stating I have no small children of my own so when I read Quincey’s Questions I recalled to mind my former self, a tiny, serious girl who loved the look and feel of picture books. The girl who used these books to craft stories of her own; the girl who learned to tell stories before she could read. 

Quincey’s Questions is a short picture book about Quincey, a French bulldog puppy seeking to learn about the world around him and understand those who inhabit it; others who may be different to him. David Pardew’s storytelling unveils how we often confront our fears with familiarity: Quincey learns not to fear the Great Dane because he too enjoys the shade of the tree. Yet, Pardew also pushes beyond this by introducing a character Quincey has no similarities with – a cat. Thus, this charmingly illustrated picture book explores fear born from difference but provides Quincey and its tiny readers with the confidence to see beyond this. As Mama suggests, difference should be celebrated not feared. 

Jackie Prows’ illustrations are wonderfully modern, sweet and appropriate for the story being told. The use of pastel colours means it is visually engaging without causing sensory overload in any readers who may struggle with brighter, gaudier colours. Prows has worked excellently too with Pardew to provide a fun little game at the end for readers to interact with – I’m not ashamed to say I gave it a go too!

Consequently, Elizabeth Suggs at Editing Mee has brought to life a gorgeous story which I imagine will easily slot into the bookshelves of any tiny readers you may have at home. Suggs also lent her voice to the audiobook so you can listen as well as read (available on Youtube)! Quincey’s Questions is a narrative you can enjoy again and again, it has illustrations you can interact with and, most importantly, it is the perfect start to a much bigger conversation about difference and why there is no reason to be afraid of it. 



What is Quincey’s Questions?

A delightful children’s book that explores how it’s okay to be different through the eyes of an adorable French bulldog.

About the Author  

David Pardew is a father of three, and often finds himself answering a lot of “What’s that?” questions. To help him and his kids understand the world, he created “Quincey’s Questions.”

About the Illustrator

Jackie Prows is a dog lover and freelance illustrator, who discovered a love of drawing at a young age while watching Disney movies and superhero cartoons. She lives in Utah, where she currently doesn’t have any doggy companions but sometimes draws while daydreaming about adopting.

About the Publisher  

Editing Mee is the brain-child of editor and writer Elizabeth Suggs. Her mission is to help writers when it comes to publishing and editing. When Elizabeth approached David, she never expected such an amazing experience. She’s excited to see what will happen with this book and future books in this series.

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This is the first time I’ve ever featured the publication of a new book, so thank you to Elizabeth Suggs for approaching me about it. If it is something you would be interested in – contact me at 

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