Review of Owls of the Eastern Ice, Jonathan C. Slaght

*Advanced review as this book is not set to release until Summer 2020

I have always thought owls are beautiful and mysterious creatures. I own two intricate wood carvings and a set of three who nest on my mantelpiece. Slaght’s work, however, taught me to look beyond their majestic beauty and see their fight for survival.

Owls of the Eastern Ice charts Slaght’s time as a P.h.D student searching for the Blakiston’s fish owl and ways to protect the species in the Primorye region of Russia. Slaght captivated me from beginning to end.

Through reading I became enraptured by the vast and often menacing landscape of Primorye. I was fascinated as Slaght and the team uncovered fish owl secrets and the camaraderie between the field team was palpable. Several times I held my breath as they struggled relentlessly to achieve their aims.

Slaght also introduced me to several very interesting individuals as well as shining a light on the small communities of this region, and their hospitality, often kept in the dark.

Overall, Owls of the Eastern Ice is exceptionally written and has created an appetite for non-fiction I never imagined I would have.

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