Being fair and balanced in book reviews – Kristiana Reed

A piece I wrote for Go Dog Go Cafe about writing fair and balanced reviews.

Go Dog Go Café

001d91cf466102d208956e5c126d4ddcYou’ve read a book and want to write a review, but the book was mediocre and you are frightened of offending the author. What do you do?

For almost a year now, I have written reviews for Reedsy Discovery, Amazon Vine and in support of indie authors. In this time, I have read brilliant books, discovered an appetite for memoirs I never thought I would have, and also forced myself to finish books that at best, were mediocre. The two- and three-star reviews are the hardest to write. Often, we feel obliged to support authors no matter what, especially self-published indie authors, but, if their work isn’t up to scratch, you owe it to the literary world and the author to be honest about what you have read.

So, how do you go about writing a review which is honest, yet fair and balanced? In my opinion, this process begins…

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